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About Panasonic Smartphones

Panasonic Smart Phones, a leading smartphone brand in India believes in providing top quality devices with its one of a kind mission: to make technology available to every individual. Panasonic India’s history of connecting people came into existence with the launch of in-car phones in the year 1971. From then to until now, Panasonic Smartphones has reached and achieved many milestones and has successfully made its mark in the feat of creating affordable yet powerful smartphones.


Our Beliefs

We have gathered people who share the same passion as we do of bringing the best technology that will make your life simpler and better and our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team ensures that you get nothing but the best. We believe that perfection in what we create is something that can only be achieved with sheer dedication, will and most importantly by understanding the requirements of the end users. It is why we have created a system within Panasonic mobiles, that is impartial, transparent, and entirely based on customers' feedback and suggestions. Our wide-range of products and immense success reflects the love for our brand and the trust that they rely on us.

From introducing pager technology to bringing world's first 3G handset, from designing the first slimmest phone to creating ARBO - artificial intelligence for our devices, we have been constant in innovations that sync with our customer's requirements and needs. In 2001, we established the first 3G handset and soon introduced the first thinnest smartphone to the world. After seeing the potential and the young audience in India, the first smartphone with 3G compatibility in the form of our Panasonic Android Smartphones was introduced.

We work in an independent manufacturing and design system that allows us to keep the quality of our products in control. This set of guidelines that we have laid ensures that only the highest quality of product gets to the end users. The world is changing as we speak and therefore adapting to the growing world has become the need of the hour. At Panasonic Smart Phones, we constantly build and rebuild new ways to give you nothing but the best of everything, which is exactly what we have in all of our latest Panasonic mobiles. Our current line of products is categorized into two different series, Panasonic Eluga series, and another P series.

It is the team effort that works for any brand and acknowledging their support is something that indeed goes a long way. Our collaborations and associations with some of the biggest brands across the entire globe have helped us to create a comprehensive portfolio of products. As a brand that represents the spirit of the youth and young millennial, we have tied up with various TV shows and have collaborated for many ventures that not only promotes our motto in a unique and interactive way but also provides us a chance to give back to the community.