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ARBO, by Panasonic is your artificial intelligence (AI) buddy who always looks out for you. Through the day and through the night, ARBO always stays by your side helping you deal with your day to day activities in the most efficient and productive way. ARBO keeps you updated about all your activities and sets the routine you need to follow. It gives you direction. ARBO always looks after you and your requirements, so that you don't have to feel lost and confused.

ARBO tracks your everyday usage pattern and makes updated recommendations for you predicatively. It is pretty easy to set ARBO up as per your routine activities. It comes with a simple and user friendly interface and a set of fixed prompts to help you get the best out of your installed apps. With the use of revolutionary technology and artificial intelligence, ARBO helps in providing you a better and impeccable mobile experience. Through the use of technology, ARBO allows you to operate your day to day routine activities in a smooth and easier way.

Get directed towards the best mobile experiences, make your phone a part of the next generation of mobility. Bring your best buddy home, Bring ARBO home.

Virtual buddy with AI

In current times when lifestyles are hectic and fast paced, you'd surely welcome a buddy in your life who charts your daily activities. Here's welcoming ARBO powered by machine learning that learns, grows and improves every time you use your smartphone.


Get cues on settings

Now get prompts from ARBO for setting changes with its 'location identification' feature. ARBO recognizes your regular location and sends out prompts to make changes to your settings.


Reads your app habits

ARBO keeps a track of the apps on your phone. This smart virtual buddy charts your regular app usage habits and predicts them for you.

track your apps

Your routine your way

On a daily basis, ARBO knows your frequently called numbers at a particular time, thus giving you reminders at that particular time. ARBO will not let you miss out on the calls that make your day tick.

arbo reminder

Added advantage

When you change your smartphone, your ARBO persona is carried forward. Each time you log in to a new device, ARBO recognizes you, starts from the same point and excites you with the same level of accurate suggestions.

added advantage

Your Bluetooth hook-up

Get instant prompts from ARBO to connect to your Bluetooth devices. On a time based and location-based settings, your virtual buddy makes Bluetooth available to you as required.

bluetooth hookup

Operate with ease

With ARBO's single-handed interface and predictive prompts, always stay a step ahead. ARBO also offers a set of fixed prompts that you can choose from.

ease operate
06:00 am


Get an early start with ARBO

An early start to the morning is crucial for a productive day. No one knows it better than your virtual buddy - ARBO. Through its pattern analysis and algorithm, it learns what you do when you get up in the morning and suggest activities according to it. Be it your fitness or music, it recommends the app to pep you up for the day ahead. It's the support that is always up and running to give you nothing but the best.

08:00 am


Morning essentials

Breakfast is the most important of the day and is the most predictable one. ARBO understands that for most people, breakfast is the time when we go through our daily planner, news, meeting schedule and the entire day's tasks. So, it intuitively recommends you apps that might help in each of the morning activities. Truly, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

11:00 am


Your assistant at your service

Always forget that important call with the client? Not anymore. When you reach office, ARBO predicts which call you are most likely going to make and accordingly sets up Skype for you. A virtual buddy is what we would like to call ARBO.

01:00 pm


Are you hungry?

ARBO exactly know when you take your lunch. Its state of the art algorithms identifies the time and pattern of your daily routine and the apps you use for ordering your food.

08:00 pm

Chill Out

Sit back. Relax. Let the ARBO do the job.

ARBO knows when is the time to chill out. This virtual buddy helps you pair your Bluetooth music system with your smartphone when you launch your Google music app. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home your virtual buddy now.

ARBO is a virtual assistant program, developed by Panasonic Smartphones, to understand user's interaction with his/her Smartphone and after understanding this, provide suggestions when user unlocks Smartphones.
On any of the above mentioned Smartphones, user can see Arbo Splash Screen after completion of Android Setup Wizard. After sliding or skipping Splash Screen, user can register for Arbo application using an email account or through Google or Facebook accounts. Once account is successfully created, ARBO shall be ready to work. User can logout from Arbo at any time and can again login using registered credentials
Over a period of time Arbo can understand daily usage patterns on user's Smartphone and thus can predict suggestions for calls, apps and settings. Further with Arbo, user can configure Safety Assistant, Arbo Reminders, Wallpaper customizations and quick gestures for Camera, Torch and calls
You can create an account with any valid Google Email id. However you need to specify anyone of these valid Gmail IDs to operate your Arbo account on a given Smartphone. Also please note that your Arbo usage details will be saved with the presently operational email ID
Yes you may turn ARBO On/Off through ARBO Settings page
ARBO needs at least 24 hours (post activation/account creation) to start proposing suggestion to a user. However during initial days, it might not be very accurate. But as ARBO grows on more data it will keep evolving to give you best suggestions considering your activities pattern, time, location etc.
No, ARBO doesn't collect any of your personal information except email ID and Device IMEI number, which is required to create a unique account for user
Yes, since user's identity is based on his/her gmail ID, activating ARBO on new gmail ID means it's a new account on same device or another device
Yes, if you login with same Gmail ID, ARBO will remember your previous usage information and consider your past data to provide you relevant suggestions
No, you will have to create an account on ARBO to start using it.
In present version, ARBO tracks your settings change (time and location of change), calls & App usage and will give you relevant suggestions based on these parameters. However suggestions will be more and more relevant as ARBO gets more and more information on your usage behaviour
Yes, as ARBO shall have more and more details, suggestions will be more relevant
Yes, ARBO also considers user's location while providing settings related suggestions
You can go to ARBO settings page and can define Home & Office (and more such locations)
Yes, ARBO shall be updating information to ARBO cloud once in a day (usually every 24 hours post account creation). After it processes information, it updates your schedule on your Smartphone through ARBO App. So internet connection is required for sync up once in a day. However it will give you suggestions even if there is no internet connection after the daily sync has happened
For the first time the file size might be around 1MB. Thereafter file size will be lesser than an MB
No ARBO doesn't store data locally as it transmit a day's data to cloud everyday.
ARBO is a very light application and doesn't have any adverse impact on your Smartphone's battery, even if ARBO is working continuously.