Nsure is an assurance of security & reliability by Panasonic which gives you the liberty to configure, secure & manage your Panasonic smartphone remotely. It is a highly secured platform which allows you to amplify the capabilities of the device according to your expected standards.

Whether you manage a small business or a large government organization, Panasonic Nsure gives you the power to keep your sensitive data safe & prevent unauthorised usage of your Panasonic smartphone.

device enrollment

Add Devices

Add & enroll devices without any hassle by scanning respective QR codes. You can even perform secure bulk enrollment through Active Directory authentication.

asset tracking

Device Provisioning

Set up your devices with required apps & settings through default jobs & policies. Provision devices using Wi-Fi, VPN, and email configurations.

configure applications

Grouping & Segregation

In order to create easy classification and filtering, you can group your devices based on geographic locations, departments, hierarchy, or any other criteria.

remote control

Device Monitoring

Regularly receive updates & alert notifications on battery, connectivity, data usage and other compliances of your remote devices.

location tracking

Track & Locate

Track the real-time location of your devices on the map. Get data reports on their previous locations, geo-tag landmarks and update policies based on geographical fencing.

icon lock psd

Device Security

Define access credentials for your devices, create password policies and even remotely lock or wipe your devices from anywhere.

container encryption

Detailed Analytics Engine

Monitor and update your devices as per the detailed analytics received on their use case pattern and performance behaviour.


asset tracking

Update & Add Apps

Easily push new apps & updates to all the linked devices.

container encryption

App Store Management

Create and manage your own app store with customised enterprise applications. Allow your users to download & use apps on demand through your personal enterprise app store.

configure applications

Manage Apps

Manage installed applications and their versions through software asset management on your device.

Identity Management

password policy

Individual Sign in

Enable single sign-on through your enterprise active directory.

icon lock psd

Certificate Management

Remotely manage the list of all your installed device certificates and push new identity certificates without any hassle through the EMM software

device enrollment

Enrol Devices

With the help of active directory authentication, you can easily enrol new devices anytime from anywhere.

configure applications

Self-Service Window

Provide users access to a self-service chatbot that will enable employees to easily track the health of devices and delete or lock them remotely.

Content Management

content delivery

Delivery of Content

Remotely deliver content to your respective linked devices from anywhere.

content security

Secure Content

Keep your content safe & secure on all your devices through containerization.

content removal

Content Deletion

Remotely clean or delete content and company data from devices as per your latest compliance policies.