Panasonic Eluga Series Smartphones

Panasonic Eluga series Smart Phones - the flagship series by Panasonic India has some of the best-selling devices across the segment, be it online or offline. Some of the best Eluga series smartphones that stand out in the crowd include Eluga Ray 700, Eluga Ray 500, and Eluga Ray Max. Our “Intelligent Phones” Eluga Ray series devices include first of its kind Artificial Intelligence technology named ARBO.


All these Panasonic Eluga 4G smartphones have larger than life features with a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. After an intensive research on the most widely used feature, it was established that battery life is indeed one of the most important aspects of a phone. Keeping this under consideration, we have included in most of our Panasonic Eluga smartphones a powerful battery that lasts longer than most of the other brand’s devices that are available in the market at a hefty price compared to that of the Panasonic Eluga series. All Panasonic Eluga series mobiles boast of a well crafted design and a high performing camera to bring more clarity and detail to all your pictures. These are some of the major differentiating Panasonic Eluga features which makes the Eluga series smartphones good value for money products.