Panasonic P Series Smartphones

Panasonic P series smartphones by Panasonic India includes a wide range of devices that are not only innovative and full of amazing features but also comes at an extremely affordable and aggressive price. As a brand, we take pride in creating the best in technology, driven by the feedback of our valued customers and this sentiment is reflected in all our Panasonic P series mobiles.


Through an interplay of technology, customer feedback, aggressive pricing and a powerful vision to create the best for you, Panasonic P series smartphones constantly strive to bring innovation to life. Few of the best-selling Panasonic P series mobile phones include P85, P55 Max,P9,P99 and the newly launchedP91, with all of them placed at an extremely compelling price tag. Even though the P Series is priced to fit the budget, there are no compromises done in the features. Panasonic P series P55 Max runs on Android Nougat 7.0 with a massive 5000mAh battery whereas P85, also known as the “people’s phone” has a 4000mAh battery along with other remarkable features. Panasonic P series smartphones are indeed the devices that signify the true spirit and zeal that the youth represents. With all their features, Panasonic P series mobiles can easily be seen as the next in technology smartphones, offering exactly