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No more sneaking to check your favourite match scores. ARBO hub not only keeps you updated with all the latest cricket match scores happening anywhere in the world but also helps you to keep track of different cricket match schedules.

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Cab booking

ARBO hub app's intuitive interface lets you compare fares between the two most recognized app services, Uber and Ola. Simply select your destination and leave the rest. It not only shows the varying fares but also allows you to select between different categories (share or personal) within the app.

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on the go


Running low on storage? No problem. ARBO hub does the job for you. Now you can play multiple games with the help of ARBO without even downloading it. It gives you the option to choose from a wide range of games that you can play without the hassle of downloading them.


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Stay updated with the latest trending news, event and top stories from all around the world with the help of ARBO hub app. Get a detailed note of everything important across the world throughout the day, all at your fingertips.


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Do you believe in astrology? Want to know what your stars hold for you? Daily, weekly or monthly horoscope, whatever your wish to know, ARBO hub is the app for you.


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